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Deluxe Bounce House

Generator - Rental / Add-on only

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Enhance Your Event with Reliable Power: Generator Rental Add-On

Ensure your event runs smoothly with our Generator Rental add-on service. Perfectly complementing our range of event services, our generators provide reliable power to keep your festivities illuminated and energized.

Tailored specifically for customers renting other services from us, our Generator Rental is the perfect addition to your event package. If your event will be in a park you'll need to have a generator (Park requirement).

Our generators are meticulously maintained to guarantee optimal performance, and our team is on standby to assist with setup and operation. We prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring that your event is powered without any hassle.

Please note that our Generator Rental service is an add-on option available exclusively to customers renting other services. Additionally, to maintain safety and prevent overload, we advise against exceeding the recommended capacity for your event. 

We recommend one generator to each bounce house, if you connect more items generator will be overload and it won't work. 

Elevate your event experience and enjoy peace of mind knowing that reliable power is just a rental away. Contact us today to add our Generator Rental service to your event package!


Cancellation Policy

No cancellations or refunds after payment - No exceptions. 

In case of event reschedule, we will try our best to reschedule your order.