Frequently asked questions

Does the prices include delivery & set up? 
Yes, we will deliver, set-up and take down all equipment. You must be present at time of delivery.

What are the rules of use?
No shoes, no clothing with buckles, zippers or chains, No bubble gum, No food or drink on inflatable, no silly strings. No Face Paint. 

What type of location is required for a bounce house? 

A grassy area is preferred to set up inflatable equipment. Bounce house will be anchored in the ground. Please be sure area is clean of debris and animal waste. Stakes go into the ground approx. 12 inches. Be sure setup is not on top of electrical lines or pipes. Deluxe Bounce House will not be liable for any underground repair. Equipment can be set-up on concrete. Please advise us if you prefer equipment to be set-up on concrete so we are prepared when we deliver. The bounce house also require 110 VAC outlet, located within 50 feet of the inflatable. For outdoor events where electrical hookup is not available, we can supply a portable generator for an additional fee.


Can an inflatable and/or Soft Play be set up indoors?

Yes, our inflatables and/or Soft Plays can be setup indoors providing we have adequate ceiling clearance.

How can I reserve an inflatable and/or Soft Play?

You can place the booking here in our website just selecting your date, It is recommended that you contact us at 954-893-3276 to secure your reservation as soon as you have determined the date of your event. 


What is the payment policy and when is payment due?

We request 20% of the total of you order at time of booking, rest of payment needs to be paid 48 hours before your event. Additional $99 deposit is required, this will be returned 48 hours after your event if everything is in good condition and no excessive cleaning is needed. We accept all major credit / debit cards and Zelle. 


Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes a contract must be signed before any equipment is set-up. Adult supervision is mandatory while equipment is in use.  


What if the forecast is rain?

Our Bounce Houses and/or Soft Plays cannot be used during rain, lightning & thunderstorms or high winds. If it has been forecast that there is a 50% or better chance that it might rain, you have the option to cancel anytime before the delivery process has begun. Event will be reschedule, at no charge, if equipment is available for substitute date. Please note that we will not return the money, payment will be held as raincheck for your future reservation, you'll have 1 year to reschedule your reservation.

Do you clean the Bounce House and/or Soft Play?

Our Bounce Houses and/or Soft Plays are vacuumed out and completely wiped out with a clean/disinfectant after every rental. You deserve a clean and sanitized equipment! We do everything possible to provide a safe, and enjoyable fun time for your special event.  


What is equipment is damaged prior pick up?

Damage to equipment, such as silly string or any other products that do not wipe off easily will result in a $99 cleaning fee. Any damage to the unit, such as excessive silly string or actual damage such as a cut in the material will result in total repair cost or unit replacement.      


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